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Since 2003, Newlab has been an innovative leader in the development and delivery of products and services for global life sciences companies. Newlab has successfully provided expert software solutions and services to businesses in regulated industries for 18 years.

NewLab is the leading provider in informatics services and solutions to the drug discovery industry. What makes it stand out in a crowd is its approach to innovation, and the way it bridges the gap between science, research and IT.

The company continuing involvement in European projects for cancer and hearing disorders research, its interactions with world-renowned Institutes for Pharmaceutical Oncology and Neurology Research, make it a reliable collaborator and enable it to be recognized as the best provider of bio-informatics services for its current and future clients.

We offers custom informatics solutions to life science companies and laboratories. Whether it is data analysis, database solutions or statistical analysis, Newlab is the choice of many research labs across the globe.

Our products, are a leap forward, with new state-of-the-art design, using the 'best of breed' concept, bringing together the most powerful technologies available and combine them into robust systems, to assist researchers increase throughput, enhance collaboration and to provide the ultimate end user experience without compromising data integrity and without regard to the platform or browser.

We have a successful record of software development in life sciences since 2003. Our software products have been well received by the life science community over these years. We specialize in software development, design, testing and maintenance.

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Essential solutions to support your decision making in preclinical development


A fully integrated program with friendly intuitive interface that allows scientists to manage every aspect of their orthotopic xenograft tumor studies and to facilitate the collect signals and images from different Imaging Systems (Ivis Lumina, Olympus, NightOwl, Faxitron X-Ray, etc...) and monitoring of tumor activities. The program allows a complete control of process from the protocol design until statistical analysis and report for accurate treatment evaluation.


A software package for the acquisition and analysis of data from multiple devices in hearing loss, tinnitus, and behavior research.


Determine the efficacy of novel therapeutic agents and treatments in a animal model of Type 1 Diabete or Diet-lnduced Type 2 Diabete. High fat diets in rodents change multiple biochemical and physiological parameters. Such diets induce dramatic changes in weight and elevations in cholesterol, lipids and tricglycerides. these high fat diets can lead to atherosclerotic lesions as well as insulin resistance.

Arthritis Model

This software enables researchers to evaluate the efficacy of therapeutic targets in rodent models of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Throughout the study, the body weights and clinical arthritis scores are assessed in individual animals to monitor disease progression. Our use of physiological measurements combined with advanced analytics provides a highly sensitive readout of arthritis induction.


Capture of organ weights and Macroscopic observations.

Task Planning

Manage Laboratory Time and Tasks More Efficiently. Resources can be assigned to tasks, allowing you to identify the Task conflicts and overuse of practice areas and laboratory equipment can be avoided.


It’s a Web-based software and an innovative approach for managing and tracking laboratory animals, It allows users to customise the interface upon their needs, to manage several sites and increase staff operational efficiency while facilitating visibility into inventory and workflow.

Transgenic Rabbits Software

Helps researchers in breeding processes of transgenic rabbits in order to produce therapeutic proteins to study and to treat human diseases.

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Project management

Newlab management commitment :
Sufficient budgeting.
Minimize modifications.
Experienced project management and team.
Change management and training.

Specific development

Ensures faster turnaround times and consistent quality. We design and develop the software for you, and maintain it, providing updates and extensions.



As a customer :
You will have a team at hand.
You will get quick answers to all your questions and you will be able to advance your project efficiently.


Our IQ,OQ and PQ qualification and validation services help you to become and stay in compliance with GLP/GMP and CFR 21 Part 11.



Our solutions and our training options are flexible. We provide appropriate training and support in a way that works for you and get you to your new software program smoothly.


Our dedicated team of experts assists you in every step of the way and helps you operate Our products.


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